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Sugarbeet Growers Magazine January 2014 : Page 12

Maybe hunting season Has come and gone again, With a brand new rack of antlers To hang up in the den. Write Field By David Kragnes When I was young, which doesn’t seem So very long ago, Winter was upon us When Christmas lights did glow. Now it seems that’s not a sign On which we can rely, For Target puts up Santa Claus Sometimes in July. In winter, smells of Christmas Spread out across the land To let us know the holidays Soon will be at hand. All up and down the valley About this time of year, Cooks head to their kitchens To cook up Christmas cheer. Signs of the Holidays s I write this, Christmas is close enough to smell. I mean that in mostly a good way. Most of it is pretty good, And some is even great. Who can get through Christmas Without gaining lots of weight? Yet out of those same kitchens Comes one Christmas treat that Makes me think of things long dead Or Uncle Ole’s feet. Did the beet plant break down really bad? What’s that nightmare for my nose? Did the “pumper truck” just drive by With a broken hose? They serve this stuff down at the church. The silver all turns black. Norwegians come from miles around, And next year they'll come back. Is it only heritage Or something in their genes, That makes them crave this winter fish Instead of rice and beans? I want to sit down with them. I try to do my part. But to say I really like it Just isn’t in my heart. So go on, pass the lutefisk — That masochistic treat. I’ll join you at the table, But it’s lefse that I’ll eat. A B u y in g or o r Selling S e l lin g Buying B e et Stock? S t o c k? Beet F NC M e m b e r F I N R A , S I P C A g S t ock L L C 4050 Garden View Drive Drive, Suite 10 03 Grand F orks, ND 58201 www 701.780.2828 The FNC advantage: Curr ent market Current r pricing Signed written contracts „ Escrowed funds „ Assistance with transfer documents „ „ Most of the big holidays have foods associated with them that are so inter-twined with the celebration as to al-most overtake the holiday itself. Turkey Day is the most obvious. Different ethnic backgrounds and na-tional heritages carry with them spe-cial dishes served only on those occasions. Since there are many of Norwegian heritage in my area, much is made about the annual serving of lefse (a po-tato-based tortilla) and lutefisk (a fish that has been dried, preserved and re-constituted). Editorial: Lefse is served with but-ter and sugar. What wouldn’t a beet grower like about that? Lutefisk is best served with noseplugs. Maybe cleaning that last ditch Or tilling up the ground, Let’s you know the season's end Has finally come around. You wash your trucks and line them up All neatly in the shed. Then set the old alarm clock for An extra hour in bed. There are always certain signs That winter is at hand, Even ’fore the snowy white Settles on the land. O The leader in sugarbeet t s stock brokerage since 199 1994. 994. * This information does not constitute an offer to buy nor a owned wned solicitation to sell. FNC as Stock LLC is a wholly o subsidiar subsidiary y of Farmers F armers National Company Compan y Member FINRA & SIPC. *b a s e d o n a c q ui s i t i o n s. *based on acquisitions. David Kragnes farms near Felton, Minn. A former board member and chairman of American Crystal Sugar Company, he currently serves on the board of directors of CoBank. 12 THE SUGARBEET GROWER January 2014

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