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Sugarbeet Growers Magazine February 2014 : Page 12

A year ago November We sent the folks out there, To give us legislation That is just and fair. Write Field By David Kragnes To make the laws and set the tax That we here all must pay. To write those regulations That guide us through each day. We chose the men and women We want to lead this land, Based upon their promises On which side they will stand. Of the issues that concern us And the questions that we face, From money for more prisons To funding flight in space. Of military matters And trade agreements too, We hope we sent the folks out there Who feel the way we do. Sorry, Owls . . . Just More Paperwork I t’s full of paperwork time. The heap of forms in my office is deeper than the stack of seed catalogs. The frustra-tion is piling up faster than the W-2s and 1099s. Shouldn’t farmers be able to follow the example of Congress and file our 2012 and 2013 papers with the same urgency they have shown passing a 2012 farm bill? Now as the year is ending, It’s time to feel the pain Of filling out the paperwork To prove the loss or gain. As I wade into the stack Of forms that I must fill, I start to think about those guys We sent up to the Hill. They must be sure that I feel That paperwork is fun, When they get paper for their rules They order by the ton. I don’t think they understand; Somehow they just don’t see. They write the rules on just one page, Then I must fill out three. Do they need this information? Is it just a sport? To make me fill out one more form And file some new report. Just think of how the Spotted Owl Could live a life of ease, If only half our paperwork Stayed in the form of trees. As those who are elected Return to take their seats, I hope they notice who is back And who met with defeat. Somehow I feel quite certain That we would drop the ax If we had to mark our ballot The day we filed our tax. O David Kragnes farms near Felton, Minn. A former board member and chairman of American Crystal Sugar Co., he currently serves on the board of directors of CoBank. 12 THE SUGARBEET GROWER February 2014

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