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Sugarbeet Growers Magazine April / May 2014 : Page 10

Perhaps I will go fishing with My extra hour of light. I’d rather fish in sunshine Than splash around at night. Write Field T here are some things the Govern-ment does that I don’t agree with (no surprise there). Then there are some things the Government does that I don't understand. Daylight savings time is one of those. The times of year when I need to get up early, well, I do. I have faith that most Americans could be trusted with that responsibility. There are so many unintended con-sequences from arbitrarily moving the clock. What does “High Noon” mean any more? Do we need to change the name of the movie because “high” now comes at 1:00 p.m.? It doesn’t have the same ring to it. If our military folks go My wife thinks I should stain the house This spring when it gets warm. And now that extra hour of light Will do the wood more harm. So I had better make a plan As soon as temps will let, To find the bucket, stir the stain, And get the ladder set. But wait, that would be spending time. That wasn’t the intent. When they named it “saving time,” The message clearly sent Was that we should be saving it, And yet it isn’t clear. Was it daylight, or the hour, We should save this time of year? By David Kragnes Spring Ahead into battle and someone yells, “Bogies at 12 o’clock high,” where do they look: straight ahead or 30 degrees to the left? I just don’t feel this was well thought out. We jumped to daylight saving time; I am sure the choice was wise. I guess the plan was putting Much more sun up in the skies. I’m not sure where they find it, This extra hour of sun; But I'll try to find a way To use it that is fun. And the hour I was told to save, Came ’tween two and two. At that hour, at my age, There’s not much you can do. The clock says it is morning; I can’t get it through my head. Right now I’d trade my daylight For an extra hour in bed. v David Kragnes farms near Felton, Minn. A former board member and chairman of American Crystal Sugar Company, he currently serves on the board of directors of CoBank. Cleanup Sugarbeet Fields And Slow The Onset Of Glyphosate (Roundup ® ) Resistant Weeds In 2014 And Beyond. Titan Pro SCI LVWKHH[FOXVLYHGLVWULEXWRUIRU :LOORZRRG(WKRIXPHVDWH6&IRUVXJDUEHHWV 7LWDQ3URLVEDVHGRXWRI&OHDU/DNH&#0f;,RZDZLWK RYHU



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&#1b; 3KRQH&#1d;&#1a;&#1a;&#1b;_ZZZWLWDQSURVFLFRP 10 THE SUGARBEET GROWER April/May 2014

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